Shimano Ultegra XTD 14000 Review

Having owned and loved the Shimano Ultegra XTC I sprung and purchased a set of three Shimano 14000 XTD quite a while back, with the idea being this review won’t just be on first glance but an actual review of using them for a long period of time.

Having used them for a fairly long period of time now I can say I’m not disappointed, far from it. With all of my other usual angling buddies using other reels and having the opportunity to give theirs a try I have to say the feel of their reels doesn’t come close.

Cranking power

As the XTD’s are a big pit reel and are made for some serious distance fishing as well as cranking power I can safely say these are brilliant. You could be fishing at well over 100 yards and it’s not a difficult task reeling these bad boys in at all. A few turns on the reel and its back in, brilliant.

Line lay

Usually with the big pit reels you will experience average line lay at best, with such a big area for the line to go back in to. I’ve found the absolute opposite with the Shimano XTD 14000 reels. The line lay is so amazing it’s scarcely believable that it does it at such a speed. I reel my rods in pretty quick but the line is perfectly re-positioned back on my reels every time.


Something that nobody can deny is that the Shimano 14000 XTD reels (and the Shimano XTD 5500) look absolutely amazing. Their mixture of black and chrome looks understated but fresh and sexy on the bank. As a self-confessed tackle tart, these satisfy my need to look sleek on the bank.


At the price point they are currently at, around £110-130 per reel, they are well above all other reels in this price point in terms of performance and looks and on top of that they come with a spare spool, what a dream!