Meet the Team

We work behind the scenes to bring you all of the venue details, tips, reviews and updates from our angling adventures across the U.K.

Jack Rose

Founder & Editor

UK PB: 26lb Common

Europe PB: 41lb Mirror (France)

Brand of choice: Shimano/Fox

Bait of choice: Mainline

Fun fact: All the predators Jack has caught have been by accident. He caught a Pike on the retrieve with a Mainline boilie and foul hooked a 6lb Zander when he pulled out of a Carp.

See Jack's full profile here.




Barni "Chocolate Hooks" Jackman

Founding Member

UK PB: 22lb Mirror

PB Tench: 7lb

Brand of choice: Shimano

Bait of choice: Sticky Baits Bloodworm

Fun fact: The only animal Barni doesn't have a tattoo of? A fish!

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Tom "Carp Killer" Hazell


UK PB: 16lb Mirror

Brand of choice: Shimano

Bait of choice: Sticky Baits

Fun fact: As an angler just starting out, on a recent trip Tom broke his carp P.B. twice in less than 24 hours.

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Jake "Cat Man" Jensen

Member & Social Media Manager

UK PB: 24lb Common

PB Cat: 32lb

Brand of choice: Korum/Shimano

Bait of choice: Mainline/Dynamite

Fun fact: When asked about his long curly locks Jake replies "..curls get girls".

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