How to Fish with Wafters – Blowback Rig

Fishing is no different to any other part of life when it comes to trends and fashionable approaches it seems and it looks as though this has swung around to wafters being a big part of an angler’s arsenal.

I’ve always favoured a semi-buoyant hookbait, either teaming a small dumbbell with some pop-up corn or even a half and half (half a pop-up and half a boilie). In my experience these have always been killers whilst fishing over the top of a large bed of bait, that slight movement of the hookbait and its balance with the hook has always done me well in my fishing so I thought I’d show you the most effective way to present a wafter over a bed of bait by utilising the Blow-Back Rig:

Required: Coated braided hooklink, Long Shank Hook, Kodex Line Aligners, Rig Ring & size 8 swivel

  1. Cut 10 inches of coated hooklink and strip 4 inches of coating
  2. Make overhand loop using a figure of eight knot at the stripped end, ideally with knot just inside/below where wafter will be
  3. Thread wafter on loop and secure with a boilie stop
  4. Slide rig ring on hooklink and attach with granny knot around 1cm below hookbait
  5. Thread rig ring on the shank of the hook just on the bend, tie knotless knot
  6. Slide line aligner up over the hook from the bottom, just past where knotless knot ends
  7. Tie swivel onto rig.

Along with it providing a fantastic hook hold, this rig really turns into the fish’s mouth with the assistance of the aligner and is best fished over a large bed of boilies.

Note: If fishing over particle you can fish double slow sinking corn in place of the wafter.