Day at the Bay

My hectic 12 hour day session on Bayford’s bottom lake..

By Jake Jensen

I arrived at around 6.20am in hope of getting on the lake a bit earlier to secure one of the swims I’d been told were the best ones for the Catfish I’m on the hunt for. As it was my first time on the venue I didn’t want to miss the chance to bank one of 60lb+ kitty’s that are knocking around in there but usual story with me, the swims where already occupied by a couple old boys, who had done the night and had blanked. It wasn’t the end of the world, I didn’t get the exact peg I was after, so off I went round to other side of the lake and found myself a fairly open swim with a nice island on the right with thick lily pads out to my far left which I would soon regret fishing to – I will get to that bit soon.

Quarter to seven all 3 rods were out, not even half an hour had passed and I was getting some serious knocks on 2 of the rods. I had been fishing for just over an hour and half now by that point so it was safe to say was rather excited at what was already happening so soon. But… nothing.

At just gone 9am I had an almighty whack the far right rod and it shot off instantly – I knew I was into a cat! After a few minutes of running around and jumping out of the water I had her on the bank –  Not the big’un I was there for, weighing in at 14lb, but was enough to elicit some smiles and positivity into the session.

Things went a little bit quiet for about 2 hours with just couple of blips from the alarm making me know they were in the area. Just after midday my middle rod go on a screaming run. I knew it wasn’t a cat as soon as I struck into it, but happy days, I managed to grab myself a lovely little dark common weighing in at 13lb. As the hours wore on I caught a few more mid-double carp, no bigger than the first, and was sitting on 6 carp and 1 cat for the session, so not bad by any means.

By around 4pm things had slowed right down for me, no bleeps on the alarms and no activity whatsoever so it was a bit of a shock to see me left hand rod screech off. This rod hadn’t made a noise all day but as soon as I struck into it I knew it couldn’t be a carp, but one of the cat’s I’d been targeting. I was stressing, no matter what I did it just kept making a b-line for the aforementioned lily pads and being the monster it felt like, there wasn’t much I could do but prey and fight back. Huge disappointment followed when the beast dragged me straight through the pads, snagging me up and getting loose!

Prior to packing up I managed to bank myself one more though that turned my frown partially upside down, a 16lb mirror. It’s fair to say I’ve got some unfinished business with this lake and I will be back.

During this session I was putting JailBaits TunaBerry boilies through their paces and as you can see, they did pretty well. Check them out here.