Chestnut Pool Fisheries – Avoid

Things such as this don’t usually wind me up but on this occasion I felt compelled to share it.

Having arrived my usual regular water on Saturday morning (6am, urgh) ready to do a 36 hour session I found that the British Carp Angling Championships had a match on it and the entire complex was full.

Brilliant, this put me in a shit mood to begin with.

After composing myself and considering my options I decided to call Chestnut Pool fishery in Langford, Bedfordshire to see if they had any room. It’s a runs lake I’d been to before, mostly high single figure fish to mid-teens, apparently a few bigger in there but I’d not seen them. It does have a reputation (probably fairly) for fish with battered mouths. I wasn’t super enthusiastic about going there but I just wanted to get my rods out at short notice.

So I attempt to give them a call, and no, I hadn’t checked to see the time or even thought about the time before ringing . This is exactly (probably not word for word) what was said.

Ring Ring… ring ring…

Chestnut: “…What?”

Me: “Hi, just calling to see if you’ve got any space on the lake for a 36 hour session from this morning?.. BCAC has taken over the lake I planned to go on so I’m pretty stuck”

Chestnut: “You do know we’re not open yet don’t you? You’ve just gone and woke up my whole bloody family. It’s not on at all – No, we have no space, I’ve got 10 on tonight and next time call when we’re bloody open”

Me: “Oh shit I’m really sorry I didn’t look at the time before calling you, honestly. I’m sorry”

Chestnut: “Well it’s just not on is it? We don’t open till 7am now my whole family is awake so well done”

Me: “Look, I’m sorry I didn’t check the time before I rang you, I’m sorry, stressful morning and it won’t happen again.”

Chestnut: “Ok, whatever”

It was at that point that he hung up on me. I don’t think that writing does it much justice just how rude the bloke was, he was acting like I’d just slung one up his wife.

As I said before, I usually just roll with it and ignore it but after checking my phone I find out that I started to call at 6:56AM, an entire 4 minutes before they open. He probably answered at 6:57am.

If that’s their attitude when talking to a customer god only knows what their attitude is like when looking after their venue. It’s a shame as I don’t usually go with reputation, of which theirs isn’t great, but it looks as though it was correct.