48 Hours at Banjo Lake – Lea Valley – Part 2

So with the drive to get more out of my fishing this year I set about watching Banjo for a good hour before I even dipped my rods in. I was a bit stuck in where I could fish as this lake, unfortunately, you can only fish from your booked swim (unless there were other swims free, which there wasn’t).

Banjo Lake is a long thin canal like lake where the maximum width was around 40 yards, the small stretch I was down to tackle was probably around 30 yards at the widest. I saw some movement next to a wooden post on the far bank over to the left (the boundary post for my swim) and decided whilst looking for other potential spots I’d trickle a bit of bait in to see the reaction. The second I catapulted a few pouches of boilies over to the spot it went dead, as I thought it might, but I knew this was a spot they would frequent so I wasn’t too fussed, I knew they’d be back. I picked out another spot that had a bit of fizzing and movement, not quite as blatant as the first spot but it seemed the only other place I could see any activity.

I scattered a good amount of mixed boilies along with a few spods of corn and pellet, with some additives, on the spots followed by my rigs. I chose to fish a blowback rig utilising a few different components that I hadn’t used before, trying out some of Kodex range of tackle – specifically Line Aligners. Both rigs were set on wafters, one dumbbell and one standard shape, tipped with fake corn.

The evening threw up some surprises with no activity whatsoever on the spots I had picked out and fed, but no activity that I could see anywhere. I was worried I was in for a long session without a bite.

Evening turned into night and despite my best efforts I was tired from continually watching and watching and decided to get some sleep. Around 3.30am I was woken up by an aggressive rip roaring run on the left hand spot by the boundary post. As soon as I struck into it I could tell it wasn’t one of the bigger inhabitants, but for a smaller fish it definitely gave a good account of itself. Once I got it into the net I was a bit disappointed as the scales only spun round to the 13lb mark. Whilst it was an immaculate mirror, few scales but a darker colour than most milky mirrors I was targeting the bigger fished that dwelled in this lake.

Over the course of the next day and night during this sessions I chased fish up and down my stretch of the lake to no avail, utilising all manner of presentations, baiting and spots, even casting directly into a tree on an occasion where I forgot I let off my line clip.

Whilst this again was a frustrating session with not much to show for it re-affirmed in my mind I needed to go to the mecca for UK carp fishing – Linear.

I will be at Linear Fisheries early doors 29th September – late 1st October to finally attempt to break the 30lb barrier after too many 20’s!